Product Advantages

  • Outstanding Heat and Sound Insulation

New Era Roofing sheets have a thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.071 W/m.K compared to cement roof tiles 0.46W/m.K and galvanised roofing sheets 6.52W/m.K. It also has good sound absorption and reduces external noise significantly more than that of Galvanised Steel roofing.

  • Weather resistance & Colour stability

New Era Roofing sheets are weather resistant that avoids fading, colour changes and fracturing when used under severe conditions such as strong UV radiation, large temperature variations as well as frequent wind and rain.  This makes New Era Roofing sheets the best choice in roofing in the harsh South African climate

  • Anti-Corrosive properties

Due to the superb anti-corrosive performance, chemical reactions will not take place even if the roofing sheets are immersed in corrosive solutions. It does not rust and are perfect for coastal areas and areas with high pollution rates where acid rain occurs. The effective service life of the product is longer and products bear a guarantee of between 10 and 30 years (depending on the product)

  • Exceptional Waterproof performance

New Era Roofing roof panels have special external design features.  This combined with our patented waterproof accessories, ensures that none of the fastening screws will rust.  This outstanding water resistance is guaranteed

  • Very High Loading Capacity

Due to the high thermal stability, our roofing panels have a very high loading capacity.  Thermal expansion or contraction will not occur even when extreme temperatures ranging from -35OC to 60oC, are applied, and does not show any visible changes, surface damage or fractures

  • Fire resistant

According to the tests conducted by SGS international, our panels conform to the UL 94-2013 plastics flammability standard.  They are proven to have a flame rating at V0 or higher grade and are classified as a non-flammable building material.

  • Environmentally friendly

All New Era Roofing products are free from asbestos or radio-active elements.  They are fully recyclable. Due to the heat insulation properties of our roof tiles, the impact on the environment is positively impacted through energy efficiencies.

  • Convenient and efficient installation

New Era Roofing products are light in weight and are available with a complete range of accessories, which contributes to ease of installation.  The broader effective width of the product offers higher installation efficiency than that of clay tiles and galvanized sheets, thus saving on costs.  There is a further saving in the amount of purlins required due to the effective width of the panels.

The roof panels can also be custom made according to the specific building requirements.