PVC Corrugated Roof Sheet

New Era’s range of PVC corrugated roof sheets is manufactured from Polyvinyl Chlorine Resin.  As indicated by its name, PVC is the main raw material used, which is supplemented with anti-UV agents and other chemical raw materials to provide an end product with optimised overall performance.

The economical class plastic roofing material has great colour consistency and is corrosion, fire and weather resistant.  As a kind of non-asbestos building material, it is environmental friendly and available in a range of bright colours.

Special Features:

  • Good Anti-Corrosive Properties
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Thermal Insulation Properties
  • Good Sound Insulation Properties
  • Fire and Water Proof
  • Good Weathering Performance
  • Lightweight with easy installation
  • Ability to withstand strong winds and earthquakes
  • Available in multiple colour options with beautiful profile designs


The PVC Corrugated Roofing Sheet is ideal for cost efficient building projects in various applications, such as Chemical Warehouses, Low Cost Housing, Steel Structure buildings, Car Sheds, Balconies, etc. This series roofing sheets is widely used in flat to pitched roof renovation projects.  Due to its thermal insulating properties, this roofing material can also be utilized as wall panels in building projects.

Colour Range:


Recommended Product Series:  HB-P-T-1350-210-26:

Detailed Profile drawings of the PVC Corrugated Roof Sheet Designs:

Data Sheet: