Heat Insulated Wall Panel

New Era Heat Insulation Wall Panels are manufactured by 3-layer co-extrusion through one-time processing.  Each unique material provides distinct features to the product. These wall panels are ideal for use in areas where heat and sound insulation is required.  Its anti-corrosive properties make this product an ideal choice in areas where frequent acid rain and other chemical contact occurs.

Special Features:

  • Heat and Sound Insulation
  • Good Corrosion Resistance


The New Era Roofing Heat insulated wall panel offers an ideal choice for heat insulation and noise reduction as well as corrosion prevention purposes.  It is often used in high temperature areas, noisy areas and places with frequent acid rain.  It is the ideal material for wall constructions projects such as farmers markets, vegetable markets, sheds, warehouses and factories.

Colour range:


Recommended Product Series:  HB-P-T-1410-76-8:


Data Sheet: