Anti-Corrosion APVC Roof Sheet

The Anti-Corrosion APVC Roof Sheet is developed based on international advanced technologies.  It is an especially designed roofing material for corrosive substances manufacturing factories and areas with frequent acid rain.  Similar to our other types of construction material, this type is also produced based on multi-layer co-extrusion technology through one-time processing.  2, 3 or 4 layer co-extruded APVC Sheeting materials are available.  Each layer offers the product a distinct feature.  The typical layers of material for our anti-corrosion roofing sheets are:

Special Features:

  • Long lasting colour
  • Excellent anti-corrosive properties
  • Superior UV resistance
  • Long Lifespan
  • Superior weather resistance


With great durability the anti-corrosion APVC roof sheet is regularly used in the roofing system construction projects for sheds, prefab houses, farmers markets and high grade manufacturing plants.  It is especially suitable for steel mills, ceramic plants, food production plants, printing and dying plants, organic solvent plants as well as manufacturing plants for acid, alkali and other corrosive substances.

Colour Range:

Top Layer:  White, Blue, Beige, Terra Cotta, Grey or Customized

Bottom Layer:  White or Customized


Recommended Profile:  HB-P-T-1070-250-37:

Profile Drawings:


Data Sheet: