4 Layer Weather Proof ASA-PVC Roofing

4 Layer Weather Proof ASA-PVC Roofing Sheets

The 4 layer Weather Proof ASA PVC Roofing sheet is manufactured by one-time processing through 3 or 4 layer co-extrusion technique.  It has long lasting colour stability and offers strong UV performance to ensure a long lifespan.

Other characteristics includes easy cleaning, good thermal and sound insulation as well as great resistance to water, fire, corrosion and other contaminations.  With high toughness, it can also withstand strong winds and shocks as well as heavy hail.  The light weight ensures easy installation.  Because this is mainly manufactured from ASA and PVC, this product range also has electrically insulating properties.


Special Features:

  • 10 Years no Colour Fading
  • Excellent UV Protection
  • Excellent Anti-Corrosion
  • Excellent Heat Insulation
  • Excellent Sound Insulation
  • Special Long Lifespan


Ideal for use in High-grade plants, factories, warehouses, farm markets, sheds and other buildings where high end roofing materials are required.  This product is especially effective in corrosive chemical plants, smelters, ceramic plants, and food manufacturing plants, chemical plants, printing and dying plants, organic solvent factories, acid, alkali and other corrosive plants.



Colour Range:

Surface Finish:


Detailed profile drawing of Weather proof ASA-PVC Roof Sheet:


 Data Sheet:

 (Testing result of 3.0 mm ASA-PVC Roofing Sheet)